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26 December 2017 | View: 34
For horizontal CNC lathe, We have two series. One is CT series, other is CK series. CT is mini bench CNC lathe which can be controlled by PC or CNC system. CT can used for hobby, education, government project,etc. Now we have CT56B and CT57B.
26 December 2017 | View: 32
1, In order to preserve their hydraulic chuck lathe time after regular use, there are still good precision lubrication is very important.
26 December 2017 | View: 26
1. GSK CNC system is from Guangzhou, China. KND CNC system is from Beijing, China.GSK and KND is famous brand of China, most of China CNC machining company use
26 December 2017 | View: 26
CNC machine tool maintenance is the key to strengthening the routine maintenance, major maintenance work has the following contents:
26 December 2017 | View: 30
It is well known that Crystal CNC lathe is higher production efficiency than general cnc lathe. Now Crystal machinery would like to share some reason of improving CNC lathe production efficiency.
26 December 2017 | View: 27
Along with the transfer of the center of gravity of world manufacturing to China and other developing countries, the machine tool industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition and fast development opportunities;
26 December 2017 | View: 30
From August 14th to 15, French customers had been visiting Crystal for two days, general manager of Crystal , Mr.Liang,
26 December 2017 | View: 36
The customers from Vietnam come and learn operation here. And to be our agent in VN. We have signed the long cooperated contract. We all have confidence in VN market.
26 December 2017 | View: 33
GREAT TIME!!! We will soon be offering New Designed wheel repair lathe. The new machines will have amazing view and feature:
26 December 2017 | View: 35
Welcome our african customer visit our factory for diamond cutting lathe machine,they study the operate demo,and very interesting to develop the african market with us together.
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