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How to improve production efficiency of CNC lathe

How to improve production efficiency of CNC lathe
It is well known that Crystal CNC lathe is higher production efficiency than general cnc lathe.
Now Crystal machinery would like to share some reason of improving CNC lathe production efficiency.
1. Cutting output. When machining workpiece ,large cutting output is chosen. It will reduce cutting time effectively.
2. Automation. It is necessary to take advantage of automated functions , like automatic speed changing ,automatic tool changing and other auxiliary operation.
there is no needing to check and test between working procedures.so auxiliary time will shorten greatly.
3. One CNC lathe serves several purposes.the machine almost can finish all working procedures after clamping one time .
It can reduce not only clamping fault but also cycling time.
4. Programme . CNC lathe work is programmed in advance and all process procedures will finish automatically and continuously . It is not need to repeat manual operation.
Working condition and labour intensity are much better.Working time can be calculated exactly by CNC lathe, and it simplify some management ,like test, clamp ,semi-finished product management .
Above are Crystal CNC lathe high production efficiency reason. Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd specialized in CNC lathe, CNC machine center ,CNC wheel repair machine and so on.
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